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Home Ventilation Energy Recovery Ventilator

A clean and healthy house is vital for our everyday life, but few of us only realise that there is an important piece of equipment is missing in your house. Opening windows and doors within your home can provide fresh air and natural ventilation; however, studies have shown they are not enough to provide ventilation and air changes throughout the house. On the other hand, we are making sealed and more energy-efficient houses which makes natural ventilation even difficult. Inadequate ventilation is related to stress level and a peaceful mind as air quality directly affects our health and mind. Now the question is the space we live, mostly air-conditioned, comfortable – but is it healthy? Do you feel soggy bathroom and toilet? Does your toilet build up mold? Do you feel lack of oxygen?

If you have a YES answer to the above question, then, you definitely need trickle ventilation in your space. We can solve these problems by providing you with a ventilation system to permanently prevent and eradicate these problems and increase the indoor air quality of your home or workplace.

This ventilation system extract air from the contaminated areas and supply fresh air to the living spaces. As a result of the continuous air circulation and movement throughout the house, the oxygen levels increase and consequently the presence of contamination such as asbestos, moulds, vapours, lead, gases and volatile organic compounds decreases. While extracting and discharging conditioned air from inside the house, this system exchanges the heat with the incoming supply air to increase the energy efficiency of the house or commercial space. Once the system is installed, we offer a maintenance program to ensure that your home, office or commercial space has the best air quality by servicing the unit and testing the air quality in a timely manner.

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