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Home Ventilation


Ventilation circulates outdoor air into a building or space by means of natural airflow or forced airflow. The general purpose of ventilation in buildings is to provide healthy air for breathing by diluting the pollutants originating in the building and removing the pollutants from it.

Ventilation can be done by:

  1. Natural Ventilation
  2. Mechanical Ventilation

Types of ventilation based on types of space

Car Pak Ventilation

Carpark supply and Installation of basement car park ventilation systems have been offered by Cummins Contracting for more than a decade and with the popularity of underground car parking now being included on many domestic homes as well as apartment blocks. We have taken the opportunity to turn this requirement into one of our strong points.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

Cummins Contracting has been installing commercial kitchen exhaust systems to incorporate with the hood. The commercial kitchen exhaust system composed of all fire-rated solid ducting, fan, VSD and control system. Improve air ventilation system reduce maintenance and save costs through lower energy consumption.

Subfloor Ventilation

Subfloor or basement cavity ventilation is important to condensation and excessive humidity in the subfloor or basement. This moisture can cause extensive damage to internal construction and finishes, causing the need for expensive

Bathroom Ventilation

Adequate ventilation is an crucial, but often
underrated feature for bathrooms in residential homes, and even more so in accommodation premises, such as hotels, motels and care homes.

Energy Recovery Ventilation

This ventilation system extract air from the contaminated areas and supply fresh air to the living spaces. As a result of the continuous air circulation and movement throughout the house, the oxygen levels increase and consequently the presence of contamination such as asbestos, moulds, vapours, lead, gases and volatile organic compounds decreases.

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