If you are looking for a cooling solution that is efficient, cheap to operate, ecofriendly then look no further.  The way the system works it draws the surrounding air from outside your home via a cooling unit on top of your roof that is connected to a series of ducts throughout the building. The evaporative cooler draws the warm air from outside it passes thru the wet pads on the evaporative cooler, and then the cool air is distributed throughout the house. The air exits the house through open windows or doors giving an endless supply of fresh cool air.

The greatest benefit with evaporative cooling is not only the supply and installation cost in comparison with traditional air conditioning, but the actual running cost  of the system is minimal leaving you with more dollars in your pocket.

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Have you had your yearly Evaporative cooling System Cleaned?

  • We offer an Evaporative Cooling Cleaning Service to remove dirt, germs, cleanse pads & remove smelly odours from your evaporative cooling system.
  • An Air–Conditioning chlorine capsule is inserted with every clean to help prevent further build-up of this grime.

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