Split Systems are a quiet, energy efficient way to comfortably condition the air within your home or office.

A split system air conditioner is made mainly of two parts; the outdoor condenser housing the inverter compressor which delivers the optimal power required for an efficient system. 

The indoor air conditioning unit will be located on an internal wall and provides the cool or warm air required for the designated zone. Generally the indoor head unit will have features allowing control of the horizontal and vertical air flow, fan speed, quiet mode, time delay and sleep functions as well as temperature preference. In some instances WiFi control can be added as a luxury feature.


  •  Quiet operation and energy efficient.

  •  Filtration within the indoor head unit to keep your air clean.

  •  Stylish interior unit to fit your designated space.

  •  Comfortable temperature in your chosen space.

  •  Adjustable louvres for better air flow control.

  •  5 year warranty on all air conditioning units.

Why a Split Air Conditioning System ?

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Reverse Cycle - Hi-Wall System

The most affordable way of getting heating and cooling in your house would be the hi-wall type split system. They are cheaper to install compared to other types of split systems.

Cummins Contracting is specialised in the installation and maintenance of split systems in Victoria since 1986. Our extensive experience in relating to hi-wall split systems in both residential and commercial sectors allows us to adapt every product that we sell to the very needs of our customers. Call us today for a free quote and site visit.

Reverse Cycle - Bulkhead System

The Bulkhead type split system is the ideal choice for air conditioning areas where a discreet installation is preferred due to space constraint. The indoor unit fits flush into the ceiling with only the suction air and discharge grilles visible inside your home and leaving the maximum floor and wall space for furniture, decoration and fittings. The Bulkhead range is truly discreet with whisper-quiet operations to ensure the limited impact to internal room aesthetics and acoustics.

Reverse Cycle - Ducted System

If you are thinking to control the temperature of your whole house by using a single unit or if you need different temperature in different room or zones. Then, a ducted split system will be a good option for your purpose. Indeed, it is cheaper to install a single system for the whole house by dividing into a few zones rather than installing a split system for every room.

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