Gas Ducted Heating

Car Park Exhaust Systems

The supply and Installation of basement car park ventilation systems have been a service that Cummins Contracting has offered for more than a decade and with the popularity of underground car parking now being included on many domestic homes as well as apartment blocks, we have taken the opportunity turn this requirement into one of our strong points. With close to 50 different basement ventilation systems now being completed, our knowledge of both design and execution is certainly a strong point we pride ourselves on. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

From Mechanical Services Switchboard MSSB design, Carbon Monoxide sensors, Movement sensors, strobe light integration, fire dampers, volume control dampers, variable speed drives VSD, and all your other intricacies associated, we can certainly arrange all the above and provide the expert installation.

Air Conditioning Split/Ducted

Melbourne weather is very unpredictable and Split Systems Air Conditioners are perfect for keeping Melbourne household cool in both summer and winter. The term split refers to the separation of the outdoor unit from the indoor which helps to maintain low noise inside the house. The split system can be hi-wall, bulkhead or ducted type. Single split systems air conditioners are ideal for single rooms whereas a combination of few units can be suitable for the larger area or few rooms. Split systems are cost-effective, efficient and quiet.

  • Do you have solar panel installed or intended to install in near future?

  • Do you have a solar panel installed or intended to install in near future?

  • Do you dislike instant heating or burning sensation while your heater is in operation?

  • Do you feel dry or eyesore?

  • Noise problem?

  • Do you want both heating and cooling?

Why would you Split System over gas ducted heater?

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Reverse Cycle - Hi-Wall System

The most affordable way of getting heating and cooling in your house would be the hi-wall type split system. They are cheaper to install compared to other types of split systems.

Cummins Contracting is specialised in the installation and maintenance of split systems in Victoria since 1986. Our extensive experience in relating to hi-wall split systems in both residential and commercial sectors allows us to adapt every product that we sell to the very needs of our customers. Call us today for a free quote and site visit.

Reverse Cycle - Bulkhead System

The Bulkhead type split system is the ideal choice for air conditioning areas where a discreet installation is preferred due to space constraint. The indoor unit fits flush into the ceiling with only the suction air and discharge grilles visible inside your home and leaving the maximum floor and wall space for furniture, decoration and fittings. The Bulkhead range is truly discreet with whisper-quiet operations to ensure the limited impact to internal room aesthetics and acoustics.

Reverse Cycle - Ducted System

If you are thinking to control the temperature of your whole house by using a single unit or if you need different temperature in different room or zones. Then, a ducted split system will be a good option for your purpose. Indeed, it is cheaper to install a single system for the whole house by dividing into a few zones rather than installing a split system for every room.

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We are VBA accredited and offer all workmanship with 6 years’ certificate of compliance.

Heating and Cooling – Zoning Systems

Zoning your air conditioner is very important when we think about saving money on the electricity bill. Moreover, looking at the present climate condition, we should not use the air conditioner if we do not need to. Ideally, we do not use all the areas in a house all the time. For example, living areas are in use during day time and the bedrooms at night. Therefore, it’s not always essential to condition the areas not required at a specific time. Zone control allows you to turn off or on specific areas when needed and saves electricity.

Motorized dampers to control the zones can be either open/close or supply at a reduced rate. The dampers are controlled based on the temperature sensors installed in the individual zones.

Energy Recovery Ventilation

A clean and healthy house is vital for our everyday life, but few of us only realise that there is an important piece of equipment is missing in your house. Opening windows and doors within your home can provide fresh air and natural ventilation; however, studies have shown they are not enough to provide ventilation and air changes throughout the house. On the other hand, we are making sealed and more energy-efficient houses which makes natural ventilation even difficult. Inadequate ventilation is related to stress level and a peaceful mind as air quality directly affects our health and mind. Now the question is the space we live, mostly air-conditioned, comfortable – but is it healthy? Do you feel soggy bathroom and toilet? Does your toilet build up mold? Do you feel lack of oxygen?

If you have a YES answer to the above question, then, you definitely need trickle ventilation in your space. We can solve these problems by providing you with a ventilation system to permanently prevent and eradicate these problems and increase the indoor air quality of your home or workplace.

This ventilation system extract air from the contaminated areas and supply fresh air to the living spaces. As a result of the continuous air circulation and movement throughout the house, the oxygen levels increase and consequently the presence of contamination such as asbestos, moulds, vapours, lead, gases and volatile organic compounds decreases. While extracting and discharging conditioned air from inside the house, this system exchanges the heat with the incoming supply air to increase the energy efficiency of the house or commercial space. Once the system is installed, we offer a maintenance program to ensure that your home, office or commercial space has the best air quality by servicing the unit and testing the air quality in a timely manner.

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